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Art Photo Gallery

Art Photo Gallery organically blends with any design thanks to flexible appearance settings. You can publish any photos and images on your site in a matter of minutes using this photo gallery. More Info

Art Photo Gallery. Flash slideshow mode

You can configure Art Photo Gallery as the flash slideshow mode can be enabled automatically after it loads once.
Set this parameter: start="true" at <slideshow ... /> tag within gallery.xml file.

<slideshow start="true" delay="3" loop="true" stopAutoOnClick="true"/>

To unload flash slideshow mode after you click on a thumbnail, set the following parameter's value properly: stopAutoOnClick="true".
If you need to change the duration of the images displaying, use delay=".." parameter of slideshow mode.

<slideshow start="false" delay="3" loop="true" stopAutoOnClick="true"/>

Note: The setting up of the slideshow mode for our other products can be different.