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Gallery Builder

It never was so easy like now to show photos in an amazing view. It's like one-two-three: choose photos, customize any of 11 galleries, publish the gallery. That's all. More Info

Parameter name Parameter description

Full Path to an XML (contains a filename).

Possible values: String. Default: "".

Path to the folder with images.

Possible values: String. Default: "".

Path to the folder with thumbnails.

Possible values: String. Default: "".

Image settings

scaleMode Type of image scaling to the size of the visible area. Possible values: fill, fit.
padding Specifies the padding of a image. Possible values: [0x000000, 0xFFFFFF]
bgTintColor Tint color of the background image

Thumbnail settings

width Thumbnail width.
height Thumbnail height.
alpha Thumbnail transparency. Possible values: [0,100].

Caption settings

showCaption Show/hide a caption of image. Possible values: true, false.

Button settings

showImageNavigationButtons Show/hide navigation buttons. Possible values: true, false.
showFullscreenButton Show/hide a “Full Screen” button. Possible values: true, false.
showSlideshowButton Show/hide a slideshow button. Possible values: true, false.
showLinkButton Show/hide a link button
showFacebookButton Show/hide share to Facebook button
showTwitterButton Show/hide share to Twitter button

Slideshow settings

start Enables/Disables slide show mode.
delay Image display duration in Slideshow mode (in seconds). Possible values: (0,infinity).

Interface localization

clickToView Text of the "Click to view" message
fullscreenMode Text of the "Full screen" button
startSlideshow Text of the “Start slideshow” button
stopSlideshow Text of the “Stop slideshow” button
getLink Text of the “Get link” button
shareWithFacebook Text of the “Share with Facebook” button
tweet Text of the “Tweet” button

Using images from

userID User name (ID)
photosetID Set ID

See info: “Inserting images from flickr”


Using images from

user Picasa user name
albumID album ID

See info: “Inserting images from picasa”