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Uninstall Adobe AIR Windows

If you encounter issues when you attempt to install Adobe AIR applications on your system, remove and reinstall Adobe AIR. For example, if the installation stalls at the "Application Install" dialog box, or if you see an "Installation Error" message, remove and reinstall Adobe AIR.

Note: Also remove any prerelease or beta version of Adobe AIR before installing its latest version.

To remove Adobe AIR, do the following:

  • Select Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  • Open the Add or Remove Programs panel.
  • Select Adobe AIR to remove the runtime.
  • Click the Change/Remove button.
Important: Do not use any other external tool like Microsoft's Installer Cleanup Utility to remove Adobe AIR. This utility can damage other installations on the computer.

Uninstall Adobe AIR Mac OS X

Uninstall Adobe Air by repeating following steps:

  • Open Finder and navigate to the following directory: Macintosh HD > Library > Frameworks
  • Delete the following folder: Adobe AIR.framework