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How to upgrade Flash Component to full version

First of all you should know that the gallery has limitations only in the Internet. So, when you test the gallery locally it works without any restrictions.

If you want to upgrade the gallery to full version on your web-sites, take the following steps:

  1. Buy gallery's license on our website
  2. After license's purchasing add your websites domains in account area
  3. In list of domains you'll see “key” field nearly domain.
  4. Copy text from “key” field for domain where gallery will be uploaded.
  5. If Adobe Flash is not opened, open it.
  6. Open your Flash movie with gallery embedded.
  7. Find gallery's instance on the stage and click on it.
  8. Take a look in Parameters or Properties panels and find parameter “serial number”.
  9. Paste copied key in “serial number” field.