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Inserting images from picasa

The gallery allows you to display images from For this you need to specify your login and the album ID in the <picasa user="…" albumID="…"/> tag of the configured xml-file of your gallery.
Let’s analyze how to add images step by step:

  • Log on to
  • Choose the album with the photos you want to use in your gallery.
  • Find a link to RSS feed on the page and click on it.
  • You can see a link with a login and an album ID in the address line of the page that opens after clicking on the RSS feed link.

    You may find the login after /user/, and the album ID after /albumid/.

    For example:,
    YOUR_LOGIN – is your login; and
    YOUR_ALBUM_ID – is the album ID.
  • Enter your login and the album ID in the following tag of the xml file of your gallery:

    <picasa user="YOUR_LOGIN" albumID="YOUR_ALBUM_ID" />

NOTE: The gallery may not display picasa images locally, as Adobe Player may prohibit displaying images from the address you specified. To correct this, you may have to change the access settings for the flash player additionally. When you upload the gallery to your site, all images will be displayed.