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Gallery Builder

It never was so easy like now to show photos in an amazing view. It's like one-two-three: choose photos, customize any of 11 galleries, publish the gallery. That's all. More Info

How to insert the gallery on your web-page?

When you have published your gallery then you are able to upload it to a website.

  1. Open the folder where your gallery was published.

  2. Copy the “gallery” folder with all files located to the server where your webpage is.

    You will get approximately this string of files:

    • /yourWebPage.html – your website
    • /gallery/
    • /gallery/config.xml
    • /gallery/gallery.swf
    • /gallery/js/
    • /gallery/js/jquery.js
    • /gallery/js/swfobject.js
    • /gallery/js/flashgallery.js
    • /gallery/images/
    • /gallery/images/1.jpg
    • /gallery/images/2.jpg
    • /gallery/images/3.jpg
    • ...
    • /gallery/images/n.jpg
  3. Open the file index.html from folder where gallery was published and copy the gallery’s embed code.
  4. Paste the copied code to your webpage.