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Gallery Builder

It never was so easy like now to show photos in an amazing view. It's like one-two-three: choose photos, customize any of 11 galleries, publish the gallery. That's all. More Info

How to insert the gallery using Dreamweaver

  1. Publish the gallery from Photo Gallery Builder

  2. Fig. 1. Publishing the gallery

  3. Open the folder,where the gallery has been published

  4. Fig. 2. The published gallery

  5. Copy the folder with gallery‚Äôs files where there is your web page (by defaultfolder "gallery")
  6. For example

    Fig. 3

  7. Open your page in Dreamweaver
  8. Switch to the code view mode (Fig. 4) or the  code and design mode (Fig. 5)

  9. Fig. 4. Code view

    Fig. 5. Code and Design views

  10. Copy the embed code of the gallery from the published example (file index.html)

    Fig. 6. The html file with the example of the embed code of the gallery

    Fig. 7. The embed code of the gallery

  11. In html code of your page  find the position where you want to insert the gallery
  12. Paste the copied code

    Fig. 8. The embed code of the gallery in your web page

  13. Save the changes on your page