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How to upgrade the galleries in Gallery Builder to full version?

First of all you should know that the gallery has limitations only in the Internet. So, when you test the gallery locally it works without any restrictions.

If you want to upgrade the gallery to full version on your web-sites, take the following steps:

  1. Open Photo Gallery Builder.
  2. Create a new project or open an existing project.
  3. Select “Log in” in the “Account” menu on the menu bar.
  4. Log in

  5. Enter your username and password in window:
  6. Username and password

  7. Click “Log in”.
  8. Select “Manage domains” in the “Account” menu on the menu bar.
  9. Manage Domains


  10. Click “New Domain”.
  11. Enter the name of the domain where the gallery will be published. Click “Add”.
  12. new domain

  13. Now you can publish the project and upload the gallery to your website.

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