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How to upload images to the gallery

  1. Click “Media” submenu.
  2. Create an Album where you’ll be storing your images.
  3. The Album is a virtual folder, used only to organize your images.

  4. You can upload images to the Album in different ways:
    • Upload from Computer
    • You can choose images saved on your computer and upload them one by one.

    • Upload an Archive
    • Archive several Images and upload in one archive.
      Note: Your archive must not exceed 5-20Mb depending on your hosting service.

    • Add from URL
    • Enter the URL of the picture and it will be uploaded to your Gallery

    • Import from an FTP folder
    • This is the best way of uploading a big number of images.
      All you need to do is upload your images to the server, right to the specified FTP folder.
      You can number the images of your Gallery according to the number of page it is supposed to be located on. Once the upload is complete you can sort the images by name.