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Gallery Builder

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Gallery parameters

Parameter name Parameter description
cacheRadius Radius of gallery cache
imageScaleMode Type of image scaling to the size of the visible area.
Possible values: fill, fit, noScale. Default: fill.
dropShadow Show/hide gallery shadow
frameSize: Number Frame thickness
frameColor: Number Frame color. Format: 0xRRGGBB
cornerRadius: Number Corner radius for gallery background and gallery frame
backgroundColor: Number Background color inner frame for the first time downloading images. Default: 0xAAC5D8
initialState:String Initial state of the gallery. Possible values: Load Image, Start Slideshow, Show Albums, Show Thumbnails.
Default: Start Slideshow.
showCaption:String Defines when to show an image caption. Possible values: Always, Never, onMouseOver.
captionBackgroundAlpha: Number Caption background transparency. Default: 41. Possible values: 0-100.
captionBackgroundCornerRadius: Number Corner radius of caption background. Default: 4
buttonsBackgroundAlpha: Number Buttons background transparency. Default: 41. Possible values: 0-100.
buttonsBackgroundCornerRadius: Number Corner radius of buttons Background. Default: 4
showButtons: String Defines when to show the buttons. Possible values: Always, Never, onMouseOver. Default: Always
showAlbumsButton: Boolean Show/hide albums button. Default: true
showThumbnailsButton: Boolean Show/hide thumbnails button. Default: true
showSlideshowButton: Boolean Show/hide "play / pause" buttons. Default: true
slideshowDelay: Number Image display duration in Slideshow mode (in seconds). Default: 4
rotationDirection: String Rotation direction. Possible values: Vertical CW,Vertical CCW, Horizontal CW, Horizontal CCW. Default: Vertical CW.
rotationDuration: Number Duration of rotation (in milliseconds). Default: 700.
panelBackgroundAlpha: Number Transparency of panel icons and albums. Default: 43. Possible values: 0-100.
iconWidth: Number Icons width. Default: 90.
iconHeight: Number Icon height. Default: 55.
iconPadding: Number Distance between icons in the list. Default:10.
XMLFile: String Full Path to XML configuration file (contains filename). Default: no.
rotationSound: String Path to rotation sound file with rotation. Default: no.
clickSound: String Path to the file with sound of click. Default: no.
overSound: String Path to the file with sound of mouseover. Default: no.
useEmbeddedFont: Boolean Use embedded font. Default: true.
fontName: String Name of the font used for captions (works for useEmbeddedFont set to false only)
fontSize: Number Size of the font used for captions (works for useEmbeddedFont set to false only)
useRotation: Boolean When set to "true" this parameter enables the rotation transition effect, otherwise fade effect is used. Default: true.